Damage and Economic Loss Analysis

One of our core practice areas is assisting counsel and clients with constructing or evaluating claims for business and personal loss and damages.  Since damages are frequently at the heart of litigation and disputes, a proper understanding of the amount and theory behind damages and losses is essential.  In this regard, we assist with issues of damage and economic loss analysis in a variety of situations.  Specific areas of damage and economic loss analysis included the following:

  • Evaluation and/or calculation of personal and business damages.
  • Development of claim theory and related damage issues.
  • Assistance with discovery including drafting document requests.
  • Gathering statistical data salient to evaluating claims for loss.
  • Interpreting financial documents and business records.
  • Creation of financial models for damage estimation.
  • Drafting of narrative expert reports for use at trial or arbitration.
  • Performing net present value calculations on damages.
  • Providing written and oral testimony in court and at arbitration.
  • Assistance with settlement negotiations.

Our damage and loss assessment services are utilized in the following types of matters:

  • Contract disputes
  • Wrongful death and personal Injury
  • Employment disputes
  • Matrimonial dissolutions
  • Intellectual property/trade secret litigation
  • Business valuations
  • Construction litigation
  • Merger and acquisition litigation
  • Securities litigation
  • Bankruptcy litigation