Bankruptcy Services

Nottingham Group professionals assist in all aspects of the bankruptcy process by providing expert analysis, advice and guidance to clients before, during and after a bankruptcy. Our professionals have assisted Debtors, creditors and interested parties with a myriad of bankruptcy issues. In addition our professionals have served in many roles including consultant to the debtor, accountant to individual creditors or creditors committee and independent accountant for the Court. We have served in many official capacities to bankrupt entities including court-appointed Trustee, Special Examiner, Custodian and Receiver. Nottingham Group professionals possess an intimate knowledge of the understand the complexity of the legal processes in a bankruptcy proceedings and we are adept at working with different parties in the bankruptcy process. Some of the key services we provide in bankruptcy include the following:

  • Forensic accounting issues connected with Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 filings.
  • Assistance in reviewing and analyzing financial statements and tax returns.
  • Confirmation and tracing of assets and liabilities.
  • Analysis of pre-filing sources and uses of cash.
  • Accounting and financial reporting.
  • Identification of estate assets.
  • Manage trust assets, liabilities and serve as disbursing agent.
  • Perform trustee, custodian or receivership functions.
  • Prepare compliance reports.
  • Provide expert reports and testimony regarding financial and tax issues.